5 Reasons to Hire in a Wedding Planner

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Investing in a wedding planner is the smartest decision you will make when planning your wedding

Did you know that only 19% of brides hire a wedding planner? That number really is shocking to us. When asked about their wedding and what they would have done differently most newlyweds say “I wish I would have hired a wedding planner.” We encourage every bride to use a wedding planner-even if it isn’t us! Your family and friends will thank you!

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A wedding is a lot like a limo. It’s luxurious. It’s fun. You usually only have it for a day. And it’s expensive. Most importantly you wouldn’t get a limo and drive it yourself, right?! Where is the fun in that! A wedding is a huge investment! Why spend all that money on your flowers, cake, decorations, catering, ect… and then be responsible for the organization of it all the day and ensuring your vendors have arrived. Having a professional “limo driver” aka: Wedding Planner, is one of the smartest wedding decisions you could make. Here are 5 reasons we believe investing in a wedding planner is the best way to ensure your wedding day is worry free.


For most brides, a wedding planner is an afterthought. It is one more vendor to pay for as the long list of expenses for your wedding keep adding up. We strongly feel that a planner is the first vendor that you should hire. Your planner is an expert for all things wedding! They work closely with vendors they trust and assist with connecting you with the BEST of the BEST in the industry and help to keep within your budget. You can trust them to use their expertise and ensure you get the best quality for your money. The venue is usually the first thing a couple looks for. Without a wedding planner that can be problematic for several reasons. As a couple you may not know the right questions to ask the venue to determine if it is a good fit for your budget. Sometimes a great deal on a venue turns out to cost you more money in the long run because of all the needs or items that are not included in the venues package.


An on-site coordinator is not synonymous with wedding planner. They are usually the manager for the facility. They ensure that their staff is doing their job and everything is moving in a timely manner. A wedding planner ensures a mutual coordination between all the moving parts involved including getting the bride a non-fat iced coffee-STAT! They are in communication with all the vendors involved that day. They have provided a timeline for everyone and call when a vendor has not shown up yet to make sure that they are on their way and just running a little late. They trouble shoot if heaven forbid something should happen to the cake in transit. Leaving a wedding planner in charge of those details will allow you can truly enjoy the day.



Planning my wedding was easy and stress free“- said no bride ever! Emotions are high and a wedding planner is a neutral individual that you can defer too when tensions rise between your MIL, Mom, or Maid of Honor. You never look like the “bad guy.” A wedding planner ensures you still like your family and friends-and they still like you-after the festivities have ended!


You can rest knowing that a professional planner is taking care of every detail. There is no need to spend night after night on Pinterest or searching the web for the best deal when you have a wedding planner! For most brides the idea of planning their wedding on their own sounds fun at first, but by the tail end, Vegas starts looking like a pretty good option!


You are not a miracle worker! That’s a job for your wedding planner. She ensures you are in the moment on the day you say your vows. She safeguards you from bridal remorse and from spending the day worrying about the napkin placements. The only thing on your “Wedding Day To Do List” should be having a glass of champagne and slipping into that beautiful dress! If your wedding planner is doing her job right, you and your groom can soak in every moment of this beautiful day as you start your journey together as husband and wife! So enjoy! Your Wedding Planner’s got this!

Happy Planning! XOXO

Tasha & Melissa



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