9 Ways to Honor Mom On Your Wedding Day


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Hello Lovelies,

With Mothers Day right around the corner, we were thinking about our own mothers and ways that we honored them and made them feel special at our own weddings. While the focus is definitely on the bride and groom, it is important to remember that this is a big day for mom too. Her little girl is getting married!

Here are 9 unique ways to make your mom feel honored and included on your wedding day…

  1. Have your DJ play her favorite song during the reception. If it’s a fast song and you realize in all the commotion and excitement that it’s playing grab her and take her to the dance floor.


  1. Schedule some mother-daughter time over a champagne brunch or a wine tasting where you can ask her about her favorite memories of her wedding day or if she has any words of wisdom on marriage.
  1. Include a reading of her favorite bible verse in the ceremony.
  1. Put a piece of her wedding gown or veil into a charm and wrap it around your bouquet.
    mother daughter


  1. Help her pick out her dress. It will take the stress out of finding the perfect dress knowing you are alongside her.
  1. Have your photographer capture a generational photo of you, your mom, and grandmother. Another fun shot could include a picture of all your wedding rings.
  1. Include a favorite family recipe to add to the dessert bar or a wedding favor for your guests.
  1. You give your dad a kiss when he hands you over to your groom, why not give your mom a stem of her favorite flower.
  1. Take some time to write your mom a thoughtful letter about how much you love and appreciate her. Tell her how grateful you are for her guidance through the years. If it’s from the heart, she will treasure it forever.

We want to hear all the sweet and sentimental ways you are honoring your mom on your wedding day! Leave us a comment below!

Happy Planning!

XOXO, Tasha & Melissa








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